I’m a 40-something artist, writer, painter, sculptor, photographer, poet and collector of odd vintage things. I like to create things out of my emotions – which can include a variety of media, as always.. including online blogging.

I’m currently working at a job I love helping families, whilst attending grad school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, getting my masters degree in mental health counseling. Because.. I love helping people and giving them the insight I have learned in this hard life, as well as being the best listener and learner of life that I can be. My blog is a hodgepodge of poetry, prose, family stuff, growing up gay in Texas in the 80’s, overcoming adversity, tech reviews, travel writing… and finding happiness. I’ve been blogging online for 25 years. I’m single, and I like it that way right now. Living life to the fullest, always learning, and currently going through lots of grief after my Dad passed away in July 2019.

Keeping busy… and looking forward to the future, putting one foot in front of the other and doing my best to learn and love as much as possible.


Former editor/producer of “Pop Art Trash” (Zine in Dallas/Ft Worth, 1998-2000)

Author of the novels “Sweet Pea”, (2006) “Abandoned Airport Terminals” (2007), “Mother Misery” (2008), “Shallowboy” (2012) and “Little Boy Lost” (2015). Currently writing “Acceptance Hunts the Hurting Soul” (2019)

From December 6-8, Brian played the role of Martin Robb in Celebration Theater’s production of “3 Christmases.” (Fundraiser play for my church, MCC.)

Painter of random stuff we haven’t named yet.

Lover of coffee, podcasts & tech 😀

Currently: Completing finals in grad school, getting ready to go on holiday break from work the last 2 weeks of December.


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